I'm Sahil (sa-a-hill).

I'm currently a Senior at Cornell Univeristy studying Information Science & most recently was a product design intern at Instagram where I redesigned the login experience throughout the platform. 

I was born and raised in Dallas prior to moving to Ithaca.

I've previously worked at Instagram, Facebook, and Intuit.

I currently co-manage a podcast and video series called Students Who Design which features students with unconventional backgrounds in the industry.

Moreover, I’m open and available for freelance opportunities. Previous Clients include Intercom, Avro Life Sciences (YC '18), Trap Fi (YC '18), PointVoucher (Game Startup in Denmark), FluidAI, & Function of Beauty (YC '16) along with helping Playbook with product direction.

In my freetime, I enjoy playing & watching basketball, lifting, reading, and dialing in my brews on a Hario v60.



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